February 14, 2019

Emileigh | Valentines Day 2019

It was just a normal day for me and my little red-head. I let her stay home from daycare and we were just hanging out. She was watching her cartoons and coloring and I was just doing some every day type stuff around the house. I decided to open all the curtains to let some natural light into the house and I noticed how beautiful of a day it was! I opened the door and to my surprise it also FELT amazing! Sunny and 75…. just how I like it!!

It had been on my list of things to dress Emileigh up and go do a quick Valentines Day shoot. I was just waiting for a nice day! Its usually so gloomy around this time of year and the weather can’t ever make up its mind! So when I noticed the blue sky’s and AMAZING temperature I quickly put the cutest little dress I found at TJ Maxx on her! We jumped in the car and drove to town! She was excited because it was around the time school was letting out and she got to see all the buses!……She is OBSESSED with buses haha! So then we stopped at the party store and got some cute balloons and then headed to a nearby field with pretty mossy oak trees!

We get out of the car and I try to hand her the balloons right away….ha! Wasn’t the best idea! Anybody who knows this kid knows she is NOT a picture taker! She just wants to do her own thing! So I pulled out a stool and a wooden crate and just let her do what she wanted. She climbed, she jumped, she ran, she SMILED…..I started acting a fool with the balloons with the hope of maybe her wanting to hold them and run with them! And wadaya know….because mommy is running with the balloons now she has to have them hahaha! She takes the balloons and runs and plays with them for a little bit! Then she realizes what happens if she lets them go….. Now were playing a hilarious game of “Let the Balloons Go so Mommy Can Run and Jump After Them!”….. the kid thought it was hilarious! Me on the other hand was about to die from all the running and jumping!

Eventually balloons went bye bye…..which I expected haha! She wanted me to climb the tree to go get them….. yeaaaaa NOT happening! She then she discovered the little white flowers growing on the ground. So I let her pick some! We took a couple more photos and after a whole HOUR we left! I got a full hour session of smiles and laughs from this kid and I am just so excited!

Without further ado, Happy Valentine’s Day from me and my beautiful, silly Emileigh Claire!

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