April 23, 2019

Our Story | Part 1

A small town Louisiana girl and an even smaller town Missouri boy; How do two people from completely different states come to find one another? I am blessed with getting to hear and see the unique stories unfold of all of my couples but now I am here to tell you our story! Well, it all started in the Walgreens parking lot in Ponchatoula, Louisiana 5 years ago! Yes, the Walgreens parking lot haha! It was Strawberry Festival weekend which is always the 2nd weekend in April and my best friend invited me to go with her, her boyfriend, and her boyfriends best friend…..who is now my husband and father to our sweet girl Emileigh….I couldn’t have hand picked a better man to come into my life and completely change my whole WORLD!

So how does Walgreens (of all places) come into play? Well, that’s where we all met up, which is right down the road from the festival! Justin pulled up in his dented 2002 model black Dodge Dakota, meanwhile, I’m sitting in my little red Honda Civic….. I will NEVER forget it! Yea, it was only a very brief few minutes we were all there at Walgreens….but a story has to start somewhere and thats where it started for us! It’s one of those memories that stays with you forever and just kind of sticks inside your brain!

We then all went down to the Strawberry Festival. We walked around for a little while and its so funny trying to remember the awkwardness that it was when you first meet someone. Our friends Victoria and Daniel weren’t exactly TRYING to play match maker….. I don’t THINK haha. We actually didn’t talk to each other all that much. I spent most of time talking with my best friend and just sort of hanging out with her while Justin did the same with Daniel. We all got on ONE ride, the Tilt-a-Whirl….which was always my favorite! I actually didn’t stay long and left shortly after. The sparks didn’t really fly that night. My mind was in other places as both me and Justin actually just got out of pretty serious relationships! I don’t think either of us were really TRYING for anything to come out of this night! We didn’t even get each others numbers! So I left…..and well… that was that!

You may be wondering……well there has to be more to the story right?! Yes, yes there is! Obviously lol. Over an entire month later we saw each other again….. and thats were our story continues! Stay tuned for part TWO of our story…..the time when EVERYTHING changed! Meanwhile, here are some silly photos my friend Miranda did of us to sort of reenact the day we met!

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