October 26, 2019

Our Story | Part 2

In part one of “Our Story” I just told the story of how Justin and I initially crossed paths, but this is the part where everything changed! I swear, when I look back at my life and how Justin and I came together it was almost as if God was standing right in front of me yelling at me! Haha! There was already a plan set in place for me with the man of my dreams. To this day I have no idea what I did to deserve such an amazing human being.

Let me tell you a little of what my life was like before I met Justin. I will be 100% honest and tell you that it was not all peaches and cream. My mental health was in terrible condition. I was angry and depressed. I was not at all the most pleasant person and was just in this really dark place! I prayed for a long time that God could turn things around and well… he definitely did.

After we initially met at the Strawberry Festival 5 years ago, we didn’t cross paths again until over a month later. I didn’t really expect to see him again because as I explained in part one’s post, we didn’t really hit it off that night. We didn’t even exchange numbers! I ended up meeting and dating someone completely different that whole month after we met…. I know crazy! So that relationship obviously ended. Then one night my best friend invited me to go have dinner with her and her boyfriend (the same ones we went to the Strawberry Festival with). Justin was going to tag along, but since I had just gotten out of a relationship, she mentioned that they would tell him not to come if I wanted. I definitely wasn’t in a good head space at the moment. But, I remembered how sweet he was from the festival so I told my friend I didn’t mind at all if he came. Note, this was TWICE now that Justin just sort of popped up when all I expected was to go hang out with a friend.

A dinner date with good friends turned into going to a local arcade/obstacle course place and THEN going to see a movie! We were all having fun so we didn’t feel like going home. Justin and I found ourselves standing beside my car and he leaned down and gave me a small kiss. I thought I’d be mad…..but he did it in the sweetest most respectful way… its hard to describe but I definitely wasn’t mad. We did connect a little that night but there was still a little wall up within myself. We finally got each others numbers that night ha!

That next week we would spend every minute we could together. We spent so many nights just talking outside….thats it just talking. We talked about everything we had been through and slowly I started confiding in him as if I had known him for years. Its funny because for a few days after our dinner/arcade/movie night with our friends, I still really wasn’t feeling any sort of “sparks”. I don’t exactly know the moment I completely fell head over heals for this man but I did. I’ve tried to figure out what changed in my heart over the course of a few days…. and I just can’t. It was pure magic. God was speaking to me. A since of relief came over me and one day I looked at Justin and just knew that God had not only sent him too me but had already tried once.. HA!!

For the first time in all of my life, I felt a sense of peace. I was HAPPY. Someone loved me for me. I think it may have been a matter of breaking down my walls and seeing such an amazing man for what he was/still is. I think once that happened everything changed and my prayers had finally been answered! Over 5 years later, I still am head over heals him!!

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