June 1, 2020

Justin + Samantha | A Pouring Rain Rosedown Plantation Engagement Session | St. Francisville, Louisiana

I am absolutely speechless when it comes to Justin and Samantha’s engagement session at Rosedown Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana! We all knew there was a chance of rain but we decided to go for it anyway! We started the photos and got maybe FIVE MINUTES of dry and then the sky fell out! We could have stayed underneath the porch at the home but they said they were totally up for doing photos in the rain! I WAS ECSTATIC!!

I am just going to say that their session probably goes down as one of my TOP favorites in all of my almost 4 years of professional photography! Some may wonder how a session in the pouring down rain could be a top favorite. Some may even wonder why in the world we didn’t just reschedule! Well hear me out….

All too often rain, in any occasion, whether it be photo sessions, birthday parties, festivals, etc. is viewed as simply, negative. And in some major cases it is. However, for instances like this, it was magical! In this life, I believe that PERSPECTIVE is EVERYTHING when we are choosing to see something as positive or negative. Getting a totally different perspective on something is a tool that I think we forget we have sometimes and it is POWERFUL. Take the rain for example, Justin and Samantha could have felt sad and disappointed that it started raining for their engagement session. They could have said let’s just reschedule. But they chose to EMBRACE the absolute BEAUTY of it! Samantha said “I’ve always wanted to get pictures of us kissing in the rain!” My heart was doing a little dance when she said that!!

In my opinion, when you CHOOSE to EMBRACE the rain and look past the negative, you see the sheer BEAUTY, peace, and tranquility of it. Sometimes choosing to view something simply as it is can hinder the POSSIBILITY of what it could be!! And the beauty of perspective is that we have the POWER to change it to see the rain (or anything in LIFE) for more than just the outer surface!! Justin and Samantha’s engagement session reminded me of this and set a certain spark in me that I desperately needed!! And I also HAVE to give Justin some credit here…. A lot of the poses we did were HIS IDEAS!! I was so impressed! I just love it when my grooms get into their sessions their sessions like this!

I absolutely cannot WAIT for their special day in OCTOBER because I just know its going to be AMAZING!! Congratulations to Justin and Samantha!!

xoxo Krystal

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