December 12, 2020

Allison + Levon | An Oak Hill Estate Wedding | Summit, Mississippi

Saturday December 5th was simply a fantastic afternoon for Allison and Levon’s wedding day located at Oak Hill Estate in Summit, Mississippi! My second shooter and I arrived and we immediately fell in love with everything that was happening! The location was absolutely gorgeous and whimsical with the gorgeous live oaks, quaint white estate, breath-taking florals, and ceremony setup that is sure to make you SWOON!! Keep scrolling to see all of this beauty!

We walked up to the bridal suite, hair and makeup was basically done, and the atmosphere was just so calm and peaceful. There have been many wedding days where the vibe was certainly a little more frantic and rushed….but not this day! And it was absolutely amazing. Everything was right on time and couldn’t have been more easy-going.

I only met Allison and Levon just a few short months ago for their engagement session in the Florida cotton fields where Levon is originally from! Allison has joked with me that they have been sort of last minute with all of their wedding festivities….I have to laugh because for being last minute I am AMAZED at everything they pulled together for their gorgeous wedding!! Seriously, as you scroll through this massive blog post, would you even guess that she was last minute with anything?? Not at all!

There were so many beautiful moments that happened throughout this day and its always sort of hard for me to put things into words. Hence why I do the story-telling through my photographs haha! It really is true what they say about a picture being worth a 1000 words. I always aim to let every one of those words speak through a photo because I believe that’s what makes one more meaningful than beautiful! Levon turned around and saw his beautiful bride walking towards him and that was the BIGGEST smile I have seen from him and it was the sweetest thing. He took his cowboy hat off and gave his wife a kiss at the end of their ceremony. What I saw in this moment was pure happiness and a man that was PROUD to finally call his gorgeous bride Allison his wife!!

I definitely always say this in my blog posts but I feel so incredibly grateful to be able to capture these amazing days for my sweet couples! Allison and Levon’s day was no exception and definitely goes down as one of the most breath-taking weddings I have ever seen!! Congratulations to Allison and Levon!!!

xo Krystal

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