March 5, 2021

Missy + Chris | Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church | The Cannery Wedding

Man oh man, the Cucinello/Zemke wedding was one for THE BOOKS!! It has taken me extra long to blog this one, because it was seriously THAT AMAZING! Missy and Chris were married in the breath-taking Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church in New Orleans, Louisiana. They shared one of the most amazing first looks I have ever seen at the New Orleans City Park! We followed the first look with gorgeous portraits and ended the evening at The Cannery in New Orleans. I am telling you guys, this wedding had many moving parts to it but will go down as TOP FAVORITE. Everything about this day ran so beautifully and smoothly and thinking back to it….I am just in AWE!!!

I arrived at Missy’s amazing getting ready suite at The Hampton Inn and Suites in New Orleans and immediately felt a warm and exciting vibe! One reason for that is I was immediately greeted by Missy’s sweet sister Jessica who was one of my past Ktroutt brides in 2019!! It was so fun to walk in and immediately see some familiar faces!! After everyone was dressed, we all headed down the road to City Park where Missy and Chris were to share their first look. Missy was so ready to see her handsome groom and I could see that he was a little nervous as I backed him up a smidge to set up the perfect shot. She called his name, he turned around, and gasped at how beautiful she looked!! With tears in both of their eyes, it was so amazing to capture this once in a lifetime moment!!

We then took some STUNNING portraits and cut up with their super energetic and fun 25 person bridal party before riding off to their gorgeous church! As the processional began, Missy and Chris’s adorable little boy Brady came strolling down the aisle with the biggest smile that will absolutely melt your heart. As a photographer, it was sort of Deja Vu moment because I remembered so clearly, little Brady came running down the aisle for Missy’s sister’s wedding, immediately hopping into his grandmother’s arms! Low and behold, he did the same for his mommy’s wedding! As Missy came down the aisle, I witnessed such beautiful emotions from the both of them. It was as if they were thinking to themselves, “Wow! This is happening!” while truly soaking in the significance of a moment like that!! They had a lovely ceremony and what happened as they began to walk back up the aisle is what got me… HARD. Be sure to scroll to see this. I noticed Missy started to wave with the most beautiful and brightest smile. As I was looking through my lens, I saw a small figure appear in front of me that turned into arms stretched wide open by a little boy that just got to witness one of the most beautiful moments for his mommy and daddy. I saw the love and support of 2 year old and a family officially becoming one…..The Zemke’s.

I will forever feel so grateful for this family and getting to know them over the past two years! Capturing this wedding was such a highlight in my career! I am just ecstatic for Missy and Chris and their little family as they enter into this amazing season of life!! May God bring them many many blessings in their lives together!! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Zemke!!!

xoxo Krystal

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