January 23, 2020

Tips For Your Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

Shopping for THE dress was probably one my FAVORITE parts of planning my wedding! Its this once-in-a-lifetime moment that is unforgettable! You have your best ladies with you, trying on dress after dress, spinning around in front of the bridal shop mirror….it makes you feel like an absolute PRINCESS! Its the FIRST time you really start to feel like a BRIDE!!

So how the heck do you choose? You can only pick ONE after all! How many shops do you visit? How many dresses should you try on? Will you simply just know when you find THE ONE?? My advice based on my personal experience as a bride is to not be afraid of trying on different styles! You really never know what you may fall in love with!! I honestly don’t think there is such a thing as trying on too many dresses! Ha! As far as just knowing when you find the one… I definitely say YES, you will definitely know. Listen to your instincts!!

Also, you can make it a fun experience for everyone else too! That is definitely not to say that it isn’t already a fun experience, but, you can get creative! I played a little game with my family. My initial visit to the bridal shop I had 4 dresses that I LOVED! I had my family guess which one I was going to pick. Dress 1,2,3, or 4… I made sure to try them each on a few times so I could really get the chance to listen to my instincts! My family had their guesses and I went back in the dressing room, picked the one, and did a “reveal” with my family! It was the best feeling ever!!

When choosing which bridal shop to go with, I believe it is so important to find a shop where the shop consultants are fully invested in helping you reach your vision! You want someone who is going to listen to your general thoughts and help you find options that fit within your vision. However, at the same time, some consultants have GREAT instincts and notice when you aren’t really feeling the style dresses that you thought you might like. You want someone that can pick up on those cues and pull out THE ONE, even though it may be completely OPPOSITE of what you thought you would pick! Be sure to ask for recommendations and pay attention to the shops that get recommended over and over!!

Randi Doucet with Poppy Lane Events, an AMAZING wedding planner in southern Louisiana, shared with me some amazing advice for current brides…. “One thing brides should keep in mind while dress shopping is remembering that they wear the dress, and the dress doesn’t wear them. Be open to trying everything initially to see fit and how the material lays, but know that how you feel while wearing the dress is what makes it “The One”. The opinions of who you bring with you, at the end of the day, are minor to the inner voice that says “You are stunning, beautiful, and worthy” when you find a gown (or gowns) that bring you that “yes!” feeling.”

Shopping for your dress is one of the most amazing experiences you will have in your wedding planning journey! Its one moment I wish I could go back to! Make sure you SOAK IT ALL IN girl! Don’t feel discouraged if you start trying on dresses and they aren’t quite right. Take the time, breath, and know that you will walk down that aisle and look absolutely amazing!! Most importantly, ENJOY EVERY SECOND! It goes by faster than you think!

Happy Shopping!!

xoxo Krystal

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