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    I am a southern Louisiana girl who enjoys your typical cajun cooking, crawfish boils, and a good ol king cake! I love all sorts of different things about life! I can get just as much enjoyment out of relaxing on the beach as I do attending a rock concert and hiking through the woods with my husband! I just want to do EVERYTHING! I was also the quiet kid in class for most of my school days. I only discovered the extrovert in me when I discovered my love for meeting knew people and photography. I guess you could say my love for my job truly brings the best out in me! I wouldn't have it any other way! 

     I never even dreamed that I would become a photographer, let alone a wedding photographer! And thats based on the simple fact that I have basically been an introvert all of my life! Once I graduated high school and started working my first few jobs I developed mind set that I wanted to be my own boss one day. I wanted to own and operate a business! Wasn’t quite sure what yet but it came to me eventually. Aside from knowing I wanted to be a business owner, all of my life I have been a creative. I love making things. I used to draw in high school. I used to sing and write songs. I always loved to write and even was apart of the yearbook staff for two years in high school. I took pictures, wrote, and designed spreads for the yearbook! 

        Fast forward to 2015, which was a SUPER big year for me! I got married to the absolute love of my life and graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in small business management! Very shortly after, we had our beautiful little girl Emileigh! I then bought my first ever DSLR camera, committed everyday to learning how to use it, and now here I am 3 years later! I feel so blessed and thankful for everything GOD has given me and will continue on my business journey in all of his glory! 




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       One of the major reasons behind why I do what I do is the fact that every single couples' story is completely different! How God brings two people together, and sometimes in the strangest of circumstances, simply amazes me! Justin and I's story is definitely different and I just love reflecting on how we came together ourselves! From two totally different states and neither of us expecting to enter into a new relationship our story began in the WALGREENS parking lot.....of all places haha! And yes, we did a photoshoot there for the 5 year anniversary that we met! I am so lame but hey, what can I say I am all about memories!! Click below to read more about how our story began!

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about me

Ten Things


I am a Dr. Pepper-HOLIC!


I love being outdoors!


I LOVE road trips!


I am scared to DEATH of spiders!!


I am a shorty! I am 5ft even!


The beach = LIFE


I tried out for American Idol once and FORGOT the words to my song....hahaha!

*My nerves are definitely not cut out for that!


I love to play the piano....even though I am a little rusty!


I graduated from SLU in 2015!


A few of my favorite shows are: Stranger Things, Veronica Mars, and Gossip Girl!

My ultimate


     I believe in this life that we can choose to have a certain impact on a people. There are many people who have made a huge impact in my life and I whole heartedly believe it is the work of God! This is a type of career that I NEVER expected to have...simply because I am such an introvert and I was SCARED to come out of my shell. I believe I was given this gift as a way of bringing to life a whole new person within me! I LOVE meeting new people and creating friendships. I LOVE hearing the unique stories of how two people come together. I LOVE pouring my heart and soul into something knowing it may make somebody else's day or maybe even their YEAR! I do this because I believe my creative spirit was given to me to share with other people in a way that can impact their lives! I don't JUST want to take pretty wedding photos....but more importantly I want to celebrate LOVE with all of my HEART AND SOUL! 

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