May 21, 2019

Tina + Jacob

Rain, wind, sun, clouds, humidity….. Mother Nature certainly could not make up her mind this past Saturday but that was no match for Tina and Jacob’s crew and myself! The important thing is that the skies clear literally just before their outdoor ceremony!

Earlier in the day we were taking photos with all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen separated. And I have to add… there were ELEVEN on each side! Biggest bridal party to date and I have to say it was blast! Tina had went into hiding and we were in the middle of getting Jacob his photos with the groomsmen, the bridesmaids AND his family! And POOF! Here comes a storm right upon us…EEEKK! …. out of NOWHERE! Lightening started popping all around us and I was almooooost done with what I had on my list! I don’t think I have ever taken photos of a bridal party that fast in my life! Hahaha! It was madness to say the least. I was running round placing people and calling names to get their photo with Jacob, meanwhile, the bottom is literally about to fall out of the sky!! The best part is everyone was such good sports about it and we were laughing and joking the whole time! So I get done and shout and the top of my lungs “Ok its about to pour RUNNN!!” We made it under cover by the hair on our chinny chin chin!

Aside from all the crazy weather madness, some very special memories were made on this day! Tina and her family are originally from California and her sweet mom and grandparents traveled all the way here to share this special day with her. Her Grandma Dee got to help with her veil and she just had the sweetest smile on her face the whole time! It was precious! Tina also had a big surprise…. her Aunts Heidi and Traci came too when they fibbed and said they weren’t going to make it!! Ahh! It was so sweet!!

So Jacob and Tina love their monster trucks. They really are EPIC so be sure to scroll down to see them!! Upon planning with Tina for the big day she mentioned they were going to have three of them out there and she wanted her bridal party photo to be with the trucks! A bridal party of 24 people PLUS three ginormous monster trucks….. I was excited!! It was nothing like I had ever photographed before!!

Again, I think its safe to say that after all the crazy weather, nothing could stop a wedding at Faust Hill from being epically amazing in every way! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs Faust!!

Videographer: Lighthouse Video

DJ: Mark Colona

Hair: Allyssa Dehnel

Florist: The Blooming Wreath

Dress Store: Southern Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

Bride Boots: Cavendar’s

Cake: Jessica Lee

Xo Krystal

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