December 26, 2020

HaLeigh + Bobby | The White Magnolia | Kentwood, Louisiana

Introducing the LAST wedding of my 2020 season! And oh my gosh… is AH-MAZING!! HaLeigh and Bobby were married at a breath-taking Kentwood, Louisiana venue, The White Magnolia! The day featured gorgeous and glamorous rose gold bridesmaid dresses, sharp black tuxedos, and hints of navy in the reception details. I absolutely LOVED the classic and elegant touches they intermingled with the rustic chic vibes of The White Magnolia! HaLeigh and Bobby’s wedding will certainly go down as a top favorite!

I first met this couple in a place that will forever have so much meaning to them….where it all began….where their eyes first met……Chicago, Illinois!! For awhile I had been thinking that I truly want to take myself and my career to new places! When HaLeigh’s initial inquiry hit my inbox I was swooning at their unique story of a Louisiana girl and South Carolina guy whose paths crossed in none other than The Windy City! I thought to myself… “How absolutely amazing would it be to go to Chicago and capture their engagement photos where their story began?” I founded my business on the concept of doing more than just taking a photo… but rather capturing a STORY. Well it just made sense to hop on a flight to Chicago and capture them in a place that means so much to them. So I did and we embraced the beautiful city for almost half a day!! This was one of the major highlights of my year! And when I think about HaLeigh and Bobby, I feel so incredibly grateful that I got the pleasure to meet and get to know them! I left Chicago with so much confidence that their wedding day at my favorite venue ever, just 20 minutes down the road, would be nothing short of spectacular!!……Well folks, spectacular it was, even despite the rain that blew in just before their ceremony!!

HaLeigh and Bobby shared a first look before their ceremony, and the emotion that surrounded this moment was unbelievable! Bobby’s reaction to seeing his gorgeous bride was priceless! Trust me, you have to see it so be sure to scroll below!! We then laughed and celebrated to the absolute fullest. They had their ceremony in the romantic ambiance of the barn and danced the night away!! One thing about HaLeigh and Bobby’s reception that stood out was their bridal party DANCE OFF!!! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! Everything about this day was truly perfect!! Many many congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Herring!! I wish the two of year all the love and happiness the world has to offer!!

xo Krystal

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