June 29, 2022

Brittany + Blake | First Baptist Church | New Roads, Louisiana

Oh Brittany and Blake….how will I ever find the words to describe how wonderful their June wedding was!! They had a simple yet STUNNING wedding in New Roads, Louisiana. They said “I Do” at First Baptist Church in New Roads and then headed down the street to a family residence to celebrate with their family and friends for a casual and relaxed, backyard reception. It was definitely a typical warm Louisiana day, but that absolutely didn’t phase Brittany and Blake in the slightest.

When I first met Brittany and Blake and the very coffee shop I am typing this at right now, I immediately ADORED the two of them. They both embody the purest humble and joyful personalities and you can’t help but smile just by being around them. They are without a doubt the PERFECT match for each other! During their engagement session was when I really got a glimpse into Brittany and Blake’s world. Effortless, authentic, easy-going, and HAPPY….just pure love and true happiness absolutely surround not only the two of them but also emanate from the kind souls of their family and friends. I loved and appreciated every single minute that I got to spend with Brittany and Blake in such a special season of their lives!! Throughout the day as I was clicking my shutter button, I was constantly catching the two of them laughing and just truly basking in the day as it was unfolding. I asked Brittany at one point what she was looking forward to the most when she thought about the wedding day. Her response was…. “Definitely Blake…..He’s my favorite part…” I can’t remember the exact words but that sums up what she said and it is one of my most favorite answers I have ever gotten!!

Having that answer from her throughout the day, it absolutely makes sense how you can tell without a doubt by looking at their photos together just how much they mean to one another! During our first meeting at Pj’s Coffee over a year ago, Brittany and Blake told me the story of how they ended up choosing me as their photographer. During their search, one of Brittany’s family members (her sister I believe), chose a set of photos from different photographers and put them side by side and had Brittany choose out of the handful which one she liked best. They did a couple rounds of this and she said every round except 1 she chose a photo that I had taken……I almost cried right then and there. I fully believe that God brings people together in the strangest of ways sometimes! As I sit here with a grateful heart and 3000 more shutter clicks under my belt….. I am so incredibly happy for Brittany and Blake and will forever feel honored that chose me (and apparently more than once) to capture not only their wedding but such an amazing milestone in their lives. Yep…here come the tears. Without further ado, I am screaming from beyond my keyboard, CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. and Mrs. Fulmer!!!!

xoxo Krystal

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