July 11, 2022

Trenee + Matt | Wedding | The White Magnolia | Kentwood, Louisiana

When you mix an epic and magazine-worthy wedding with one of the most fun and awesome couples….you get some of the most breath-taking photos I have EVER taken!!! It’s hard to put into words just how epic this day was. It was a true FAIRY-TALE from start to finish. Trenee and Matt were married at my all time favorite venue, The White Magnolia, in Kentwood, Louisiana. Being a wedding planner herself, Trenee thought of absolutely everything to make her day not only beautiful but also super sentimental to her and her family. From her stunning multi-layer gown, to a butterfly release in honor of her sweet brother who is now in heaven, to a full on horse and carriage….They made it their own but with just enough of the WOW factor!! I felt so incredibly lucky that Trenee chose me to document this amazing day and I am so honored to feature it on the blog!!

Trenee: “Is it over the top?” Matt: “Yep” Trenee: “Ok, good.”

Trenee: “Is it extra?” Matt: “Yep” Trenee: “Ok, good.”

After Matt turned around to see his absolute STUNNING bride, this was a little of the conversation I overheard as I was photographing in that moment haha! Trenee has the most bold, outgoing, happy, and sentimental personality! And it makes absolute sense why she wanted to go all out for all things involving her wedding including her gown! It was absolutely amazing and my jaw dropped when I saw her bridal look come together a couple days prior at her bridal session. Satin with detachable straps complete with a bow AND a long and flowy overskirt…her dress was one for the books! And it was such a moment seeing her step off of the horse and carriage to walk her once-in-a-lifetime walk to marry the man of her dreams standing amongst the glowing sunset over the rolling Kentwood hills. I truly felt like I was in a movie.

I think its safe to say the my favorite part of the whole day was their butterfly release they did in honor of their lost loved ones including Trenee’s brother, Travis. As they were releasing the butterflies, one lone butterfly remained. Of all spots for the butterfly to land, it landed right on the front of dress….just inches away from her heart…..She knew, I knew, and I believe everyone standing there in that moment knew that it was her sweet brother right there with her on one of the most significant and happiest days of Trenee’s life. “Look, it’s Travis!” Trenee shouted as she looked down and saw the butterfly perched on her dress. The butterfly remained there in that very spot as Trenee and Matt said “I Do”. It was an amazing thing to witness and such a special moment.

From start to finish, Trenee and Matt’s wedding was beautiful beyond words. I couldn’t be happier for these two as they are simply perfect for each other. It is so clear to see just how much they mean to each other and how much they adore their sweet son, Braelyn. They are now finally and officially “The Yarbrough’s!! Screaming a huge congratulations to Trenee and Matt!

xoxo Krystal

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