March 12, 2022

Taylor + Robert | Wedding | Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church | New Orleans, Louisiana | Metairie Country Club

It was such an amazing day in February in New Orleans, Louisiana for Taylor and Robert’s wedding day!! They were married in the breath-taking Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church in New Orleans for an early afternoon ceremony and followed with an exquisite open air reception at Metairie Country Club in Metairie! With the softest pastels, stunning portrait locations, and an abundance of sentimental and emotional moments, Taylor and Robert’s wedding was so unique and special!!

I arrived at Taylor’s sweet parents’ home where she and her bride tribe were getting ready. It was nothing but smiles and so much positive energy on one of the most exciting and happiest days for Taylor and Robert! I walked through the door and immediate felt like part of the family! This is something I will always absolutely love and appreciate my couples for! After some fun Pj pictures with her girls, it was time for Taylor to get into her wedding gown! Her gown is super unique as she customized it to include special multiple heirloom items from both her mother and grandmother’s wedding dresses! How sweet right?? Fun fact, her grandmother’s dress was remade when her Aunt Noel got married, then again when her mom got married, then AGAIN when her Aunt Elizabeth got married!! Her grandmother’s dress had collars that were hand beaded by her aunts and Taylor incorporated those on the back of her dress!! She also included some of the lace from her mother’s dress to make an illusion train on her gown. How amazing is it that she included so many different memories from past weddings in her family to carry with her throughout the day!!

To make this day even more special, Taylor’s maid of honor surprised her prior to the wedding with a box of handwritten letters from her friends and family! There were definitely some heartfelt words written and even though I don’t know what they said, I know that those meant a lot to her! It was a pure representation of the love and support that Taylor’s friends and family have for her! Moving about the rest of the day, it was so clear to see just how much these two mean to each other! They are both so easy going, joyful, and genuine people and I couldn’t be happier that they found each other!! They love they have for each other was so so evident and it shines bright in their photos! They danced the night away at their reception and absolutely lived that night to the fullest!! It was truly a perfect day from start to finish and I couldn’t be happier for them as they enter into this new and amazing season of life!! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Chassaignac!!

xoxo Krystal

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