April 24, 2023

Catherine + Dusty Wedding | Bayou Haven | Alexandria, Louisiana

Ok, where do I even begin with Catherine and Dusty and their ‘leave you laughing every second and having a good ol time’ wedding day! These two finally tied the knot on the beautiful and charming country grounds of Bayou Haven in Alexandria, Louisiana. When I say these have some of the best personalities, friends, family….I am not even exaggerating! But I instantly knew when I met them for their engagement session just how down right amazing not only their day was going to be but how effortless and full of love and laughter it was going to be experienced by everyone there in support of two of them!

A lot of times I tend to get extremely nervous just before I enter the bridal suite on a wedding day. Like heart racing, starting to sweat kinda nervous…. But there was not even an inkling of that feeling going into Catherine and Dusty’s wedding. I first met Catherine for another amazing couple of mine’s wedding back in 2020, Lunden and Sage, as she is one of Lunden’s best friend’s. Lunden and Sage are yet another couple whom I absolutely adore so when Catherine reached out to me I was ECSTATIC! The feeling that this was going to be a great experience with her and Dusty progressed even further after meeting them for their engagement session last year. When a groom secretly poses for a lovely and hilarious photo of himself in front of a fountain while his fiance changes outfits, THEN proceeds to print it on a canvas and have it on display at his grooms cake table at the wedding…..thats when you just know you hit the jackpot of clients and friends!!! Haha! Please scroll below to see this beauty.

Seriously, I could sit here and write all day about how much I absolutely adore these two and why. But in a nutshell, their fun-loving, carefree, jovial, and absolute hilarious personalities won me over from the beginning. From saying their vows and having everyone in the room cracking up while doing it, to the most hilarious fake first look with Dusty’s friend Tracy wearing a wedding dress, to the absolute stunning and radiant Catherine… and all of their family friends who had their backs and made the day fun, stress-free, and one of the most exciting weddings I have ever been apart of! It was perfect and perfect for Catherine and Dusty in that it reflected every bit of who they are as people! I couldn’t be happier for them and will be forever thankful that they chose me to be apart of this day!! FINALLY, I am screaming a huge congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Romero!!!

xoxo Krystal

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