June 14, 2023

Courtney + Taylor | Wedding | The Barn at Love Farms | Kiln, Mississippi

It was a warm and peaceful day in May for Courtney and Taylor’s wedding day at The Barn at Love Farms in Kiln, Mississippi. From start to finish, this day exuded pure happiness, support from family and friends, and all the elements and evidence you need for a couple whom are truly, without a doubt, head over heels for one another. Both Courtney and Taylor are some of the most humble, kind, and heartwarming people I have ever met in my entire life!! Courtney’s welcoming, enthusiastic, and compassionate attitude made it seem as if I had known her for years. And getting to witness Taylor’s pure adoration and affection for Courtney is something I will never forget!

It’s sometimes funny making connections with people in the photography world. The first time that I had initially met Courtney and Taylor would have been at their good friends’, Missy and Chris’s, wedding whom I also photographed their wedding back in 2021. Taylor being a groomsmen for Chris’s wedding (and embarrassingly probably got to experience only my more authoritative side on a wedding) and then Courtney attending the wedding as a guest and happened to be the subject of quite a few reception images…. I never actually ‘formally’ met them. But it is so funny thinking back to Missy and Chris’s wedding, because I can remember seeing Courtney and Taylor together on the dance floor and thinking to myself…”Those two are PRECIOUS!”. And guess who happened to catch the bouquet? Courtney of course!!! Never in my wildest dreams when her and Taylor were to finally get engaged that she would contact me to photograph their wedding!!

If there’s one thing I can say about these two, its that they truly are head over heels for each other and their relationship with one another is abundant with nothing but pure love, joy, and authenticity! Seeing Taylor completely relish in the moment his bride began to walk down the aisle with tears unapologetically in his eyes as she got further own the aisle absolutely moved me to my core. And what’s even better (and more of a reason why first looks are amazing if any of you brides are reading and on the fence) is that he didn’t cry when he first saw her during their first look just a few hours before. The moment these two experienced upon committing their lives together was just as special even though they spent an hour taking portraits together before! Every moment in this very small fraction of time in the grand scheme of their lives was spent truly present, graceful, and carefree. They simply enjoyed their time together on their wedding day….and friends, let Courtney and Taylor be a fantastic example because this is exactly how a wedding day should be!!

It goes without saying that Courtney and Taylor’s special day will forever go down as one of my top favorites. Not just because of the day itself and the beauty that surrounded it, but above everything……the people. Courtney and Taylor, I will forever be grateful that you guys chose me over so many other amazing photographers to be there to capture and experience such an amazing day!! You two are such a beacon of light and an examples of truly amazing and humble people!! Without further ado, I am shouting at the top of my lungs…. CONGRATULATIONS to the new Mr. and Mrs. Nunez!!!!

xoxo Krystal

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